Brenda Wilcox was an active player for many years at the Seattle Athletic Club Downtown. Brenda's friendliness and sense of humor touched everyone who came into contact with her. She was never too busy to hit and encourage players who were beginning to learn squash. She loved competition, was a gracious winner and a gracious loser. This award honors the memory of Brenda and recognizes an individual who represents the principles of fair play and sportsmanship both on and off the court.

Past Winners


Team Northgate - Division 2, Seattle Athletic Club, Northgate

This year’s recipient, like last year, is being given to a league team rather than an individual. This team, whether they won or lost, was an incredibly gracious team to play. Some of the quotes we received about them included:

  • “They are by far the most fun group to hang out with after the match and are loaded with genuinely nice personalities.”
  • “They have a great tradition going at their club. The club atmosphere is spirited and they always offer to buy drinks after the match regardless of the results.”
  • “They were super nice about our team poaching Ben from them.”
  • “They are gentlemen inside and outside of the court. They recognize when you hit good shots and they cheer you up when you are not doing well. They are so nice that it is impossible to be upset at them when they eventually beat you.”

They ended their regular season at 15-3 in 1st place going into the finals. However, due to vacation schedules, they were at a disadvantage but still put together their best effort without any complaints. Even after they lost, they still bought drinks for the teams and toasted to a great season.

Congratulations to Joe Julgren, Ben Ribbink, Brian Gwinn, Robert Gwinn, Glen Bradburn, Bassim Dowidar, Joe Manca & Greg Menikoff (captain).


Team Nemesis - Division 2, Seattle Athletic Club

This year the Brenda Wilcox Sportsmanship Award is being presented to a league team, rather than an individual. Team Nemesis exhibited the essence of good sportsmanship in our social league when they agreed to replay one of their semi-final matches under tough circumstances that avoided the outcome of the semi-final having to be determined by a committee decision. Having replayed the match, they ultimately lost the semi-final, but did not complain for a second and accepted the final result. This really was a remarkable show of sportsmanship and good character. Thank you Team Nemesis.

Imran Aziz, Peter Gregory, Marcus Stromsmo, Mike Eddy, Rino Faustini, Qasim Tanga, Chi Fei Wang.