Season 2016 - 2017

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On the link below you'll find the schedule. The league will start for all divisions on the 25th of October. If you see any errors or problems with the schedule, please email

Set Your Availability

If you login to your SportyHQ account, you'll now see that it gives you information about your upcoming match, and also lets you set your availbility for the next several rounds of the league. If you set your availbility, your team captain can use this information to set the line up without having to email everybody each week and wait for responses.

A few other things:

Please make sure of the following:

  • That your US Squash membership is valid. This covers you for insurance during league matches, and also supports squash in our region, as a percentage of your membership fees are returned to the SSRA.
  • That you always have a referee for each match.
  • That you wear eyewear when playing.
  • That you have fun! It's a social league, so please try to entertain your guests after the match when you're the host team.
  • Respect your club's start times. The start times for the league have been designated by each of your clubs. Please do not book courts earlier unless you've got the express permission of your club's staff to do so.

Thanks and good luck to everyone for the season.

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League Links

US Squash Membership

All players *must* be members of US Squash and must select Seattle as their local association. Click the link below to join:

US Squash Membership

FAQs About League Platform (SportyHQ)

Why are we using it?

The SSRA is trying out SportyHQ this season to evaluate how we can better serve our community. We will use this trial period to gather feedback with the goal of providing a better user experience for the Seattle squash community.

How does it impact my US Squash Rating?

The SSRA understands that our players want to see their US Squash Rating maintained, and we will be ensuring that all league results are entered into US Squash.

I have feedback I’d like to report about the Seattle squash league. How do I do that?

If you have specific feedback about a feature or service, then please email

Eye Protection

Eye protection is required by US Squash (for sanctioned play and the league is sanctioned) and is also required by the SSRA.  Please protect your vision. Below is a link on Amazon for some decent eyeware. Check it out or do a Google search. Just do it!

Wilson nVue