Seattle Squash Funding Policy

The Seattle Squash organization proudly funds individual players and teams who represent Seattle in National and International competitions. Seattle Squash allocates funds in our yearly budget and we review funding requests quarterly.

Requirements for Funding

All players requesting funding must be active US Squash members with their District Affiliation designated as Seattle Squash Racquets Association at the time of the funding request. Requests for funding should be made prior to the event but may be made up to 30 days after the event. If funding is granted, the player or team representative must provide a picture and write up of the event for the Seattle Squash Newsletter and Website prior to receiving the funds.

Individual Player Funding Policy

An individual player can request funding to help defray the costs to compete in a national or international squash event. The individual can request funding prior to the event or no more than 30 days after the start of the event.

Team Funding Policy

A representative for a team traveling to a national or international event can request funding to help defray the costs of their participation in the national or international team event. Teams requesting funding must represent Seattle as a team and have a majority of team members on the team satisfy the Requirements for Funding outlined in the section above.

Howe Cup Funding Policy

Seattle Squash proudly sends teams to the yearly US Women’s Team Championships, Howe Cup. For a Howe Cup team to qualify for funding:

  • The team must have a majority of team members satisfying the Requirement for Funding outlined in the section above.
  • The team must be registered in the tournament as representing Seattle.
  • Seattle players representing other cities or playing on non-Seattle teams will not be eligible for individual funding.

Request Funding

Players and teams can request funding by filling out the form (click the link below):

Request Funding